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PA NSMS Nano Silver Multipurpose Solution | 20ppm | Malaysia Nano Silver 纳米银多功能消毒抗菌剂 | Barcode 782706267184

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Brand : PA , NSMS

PA Nano Silver Multipurpose Sanitizer ( PA NSMS ) kills a broad spectrum of microbe those also known as germs, bacteria, yeast, fungi on your hands without the need for water or towels . It is offering more safe effective disinfecting and sanitizing capabilities.

PA NSMS Application:
* Designed to support all water-based ionizer humidifiers device, cooler & fogging machine
* Spray to sanitizing, disinfectant & create protection layer on face mask,hands, body, furniture, clothes, fabrics, carpets, air conditioner filters, walls & floors. ( NOV 2020 Update : Product has upgraded to no color & more fast reactive ion )

[Ready-to-use] + [Dilute-Able Max 19 Liter] PA NSMS is very different from the chemical disinfection products currently on the market. The main components of sterilization are available pure water, hydrophilic nano silver. The contact destroys the cell wall of bacteria and causes it to stop multiply, starved and die. It is non-toxic and non-irritating, and has no environmental residues after use.

[Effectiveness] Direct use 1-5 minutes (depending on germ type, temperature and surface) Bacteria Virus, Yeasts & Fungus. *Dilution take longer time to kill germs.

[Advantages] Eco Friendly Water Based, Still effective after dry ( can apply on mask ) & Broadspectrum Anti-microbial.
( WARNING: Spraying alcohol based sanitizer on mask will destroy waterproof layer )

[Features] Odourless, Safe & Residue-Free,No Aldehydes, No Alcohols, No Phenols, Friendly to all skin type.

[Usage] Spray evenly on the required body part and let it dry naturally. Spray on the clothes and coat before enter into house. For fruits and vegetable soak 10 minute with dilution ratio 1:9. Washing free. Part furniture, kitchen, bathroom can properly spray, no need to flush. It will naturally volatilize, killing the bacteria and remove the smell.

Wide Range Of Application :
• Household & Environment.
• Touching pets keys, lock, & any unidentified items.
• At workdesk, school, and daycare.
• Any time or place you can't wash your hands!
• Kitchen & bathroom for extra care.
• Changing diapers & handling money.
• Visiting typical germ hot spot ( ATM keypad, Lift button,staircase handle, etc )
• Office, Factory and Work Place entrance.

纳米银原材料, 什么是纳米银?
> 纳米银直径nm越小,浓度ppm越高= 杀菌效果 越好
> PA NSMS采用最先进稳定的5纳米新技术效果比旧技术提升了20倍
> 纳米银是用纳米技术把银纳米化提炼出来。
> 主要作用是银分解微生物蛋白质构造就能做到全方位的攻击细菌病毒最外围的细胞膜,导至细胞膜电位和细胞质流失从而瓦解病毒细菌,不会让细菌产生抗药性,且可以杀死抗药性细菌;若接触的时间够长,则自带正电的银也会被负电荷吸引而至细菌体内,与硫氢基等催化系统的官能基结合防止病毒细菌复制能力,造成细菌死亡。
> 相比于酒精类产品,酒精会在很短时间内蒸发,而纳米银能够在干后停留在皮肤和表面比较久从而形成长时间的有效抗菌防护罩
> 纳米银操作容易,可直接使用 也可稀释使用 ( 稀释会延迟杀菌效果,非常时期建议直接使用)

相比于其他卖需要配合化学稳定剂的纳米银系列产品,本公司NSMS属于高级昂贵、杀菌效果经由SGS国际测试认证、高纯度原材料,拥有无色无毒无味,不会危害大自然, 不具有挥发性,耐紫外线、耐热以及耐水解,经过曝晒其抗菌效果也不会变差,更不会造成皮肤敏感等等的问题。

This product antibacterial effect has been lab tested by SGS.

Weight Optional : 1 Liter ( 1000mL ) & 200mL