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Peeos smart alarm handbrake lock

RM 150.00

Throttle Lock with Smart Alarm Technology, capability to detect fake alarm, normal rain waterproof, alarm is On/Off controllable when locking.

Brand : Peeos
Color : Black / Blue / Red
Keys : 3 unit
Lock Core : Bullet Design
Body : Solid, Anti-Rust, Anti-Damage
Material : CNC Aluminum Alloy
Alarm Strength : 130dB
Alarm Technology : Smart Fake Alarm Resistance + Normal Rain waterproof + On/Off controllable when locking
Alarm Power supply : USB Recharge ( compatible 5V phone charger )
Dimension : Length 145mm x Width 28mm x Height 65mm
Throttle Diameter Universal Compatible : 32mm, 33mm, 37mm, 38mm
Brake Universal Diameter : 13mm, 15mm,16mm
Anti-Theft Technology : Anti-Drill, Anti-Key Duplicate, Anti-Lockpick
Weight : Average 0.420kg

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Peeos has more than 30 years experience in security lock key R&D and manufacturing. Peeos always provide the best security for your property & Automobile. Sense The Secure.